Bridal Nail art is a type of artwork that can be done on fingernails and toenails, usually after manicure or pedicures. And now in this COVID times apart from friends and family, if there’s one person we’re missing during quarantine, it has to be our nail technician. Getting our nails done for special occasions or Indian weddings and maybe even regularly is a part of life. For some of us, it makes us feel good or polished while some of us look for reasons to get them done. From gel to acrylics to press on nails, the list is endless. Why miss out on the fun of getting your nails freshly done?

And when it is your Wedding and you have finalized your MUA and hairstylist along with wedding venue and wedding outfit , only thing left to do is to treat yourself to a relaxing and luxurious manicure and pedicure. When you enter Holy Nails, Pune you have limitless options in the kind of shape you could pick, for instance Almond, Coffin, Soft square.


There is nothing like gorgeous reds or metallic golds to make your tips look like a million dollar. Plus, these hues complement your attire better than anything else. You can also opt for something sparkly such as tiny crystals or colored stones to add that extra attraction to your Wedding attire. If we haven’t said this before, more is definitely less (especially when bridal nails are concerned). Our pick: Dazzling embellished nails that will make your evening sparkle like no other.



Usually most of Indian Bride love their Bridal nails with two shades. Pick any two colors of your liking and play around with them. You can draw inspiration from these maroon and pink designs. If you are the one, who loves experimenting with new products and styles every day, then we recommend opting for bridal nail art designs that mean something; think something bold, sparkly and stunning that expresses what’s exactly in your mind. Lucky for you, you can customize these designs according to your sensibilities.


Moving aside from one single color, go ham and dip a pin in a bit of all the colors in your collection. You might end up with something cute and quirky like this one. And yes brides with different shades will definitely work out with the Traditional attire.


If your wedding ensemble is fashioned out of delicate hues and soft pastels, then it’s only fitting to choose a bridal nail art that is equal part elegant and understated. A nail art that is a combination of pastel pinks and glittery golds make for a dreamy combination. What’s more, you can also wear this for a fun day wedding.



Bridal nails does reflect your love and inner romantic while shades of Golden and glittery just matches the whole Indian wedding attire. Your evening ceremony attire will look more glamorous with this nail art. If elaborate bejewelled nails ain’t your style, then the classic French manicure is just what your beautician ordered. However, we recommend adding some pizzazz to your wedding nail art, in the form of the interesting elements such as some glittery sprinkles or abstract brush strokes to make an understated statement.


Stripes look the best if your selected color combinations perfectly complement each other. This quintessential blend of white, gold and black is an excellent example of that!



Do you prefer staying minimal and low-key Indian Bride? This one is for those who don’t like a lot of fuss. Pick any color of your liking and grab a twig. It’s that easy! Then these nude nails are tailored made for your hands! Don’t forget to get those French tips done in golden to quickly amp up the Bridal nail look. Doesn’t that look classy !

Extra is not a word in the bridal dictionary! The eccentric combination of silver foiled ice blue nail plate, silver foiled sky blue tips and those lines is pristine and perfect for those who like things a little flashy. Stripes look the best if your selected color combinations perfectly complement each other.

Ombre nails with Bridal nail extension are also the new bridal nail art fashion these days for Indian Brides. Those golden strokes on light pink which turns white on tip gives a stunning look for all the Brides.

With this we conclude our extensive collection of bridal nail art. Did you fall in some with any of our picks? Then don’t hesitate to bookmark or pin them right away. Or share this blogpost with your girl squad to get that extra piece of much needed advice!

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