While working from home, has become the new normal and is quite the lifestyle change. Though I work as freelancer, I must tell you WFH gives you the ultimate freedom to pursue your passion for beauty and practice more self-care every-day. At Holy Nails, Pune we know how “extra” you can get on your hands, so we love and know how nail fashion has just stepped its own stylish nail art design looks. And why settle for single shades when you have coolest shades in market, especially at our Holy Nails, Pune we have come with coolest Ombre nail designs that will instantly change your look! So here we introduce you the best Ombre designs in Pune.

Ombre – French word meaning shaded. Its blending of one color hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark. Well it was quite famous for hair and fabric printing. And now due to the color range it has been more in fashion style like lip shades, and nails. Ombre Nail manicure is manicure style that needs to be done very carefully ,and we have best services in Ombre manicure in Pune. Your nails require close and detail attention, that play important role in presenting a chic impression. So Ladies ditch the base coats and opt for something that is Unique and omni-present. Adored by all fashionistas and the top A-listers, here are Ombre nails variations for you…

Pink Ombre Nails

I must say this ,Ombre nails are not a model you can make at home. You need to find good manicure specialist and Holy Nails in Pune is one of them with best services you can opt for.

Since its Ombre the pink shades turns to white as it reaches the tip of the nails.

White & Pink Ombre Nail Extensions By Holy Nails Pune
White & Pink Ombre Nail Extensions By Holy Nails Pune

And if you’re bored with the pink color and you don’t want your nails to draw too much attention, choose a light pink hue that is close to white. Decorate your nails with small stones that look like diamonds. However, taking good care of your nails or these stones is suggested ,since they are not very durable.

Turquoise Blue & Dark Blue Ombre Nail Extensions By Holy Nails Pune
Turquoise Blue & Dark Blue Ombre Nail Extensions By Holy Nails Pune

Dark Blue Ombre Nail extensions

Without any hesitation yes ,specially when you are using a different shade of nail polish. Its one of the most elegant deigns ,or can say the trends towards the color moody Blue. It’s like your fingers are just dipped in Blueberries and with feather the shades fall apart to lighter icy shade. Brighter blues are fantastic in winters and famous in Ombre Manicure extensions specially.

White & Light Peach Ombre Nail Design By Holy Nails Pune
White & Light Peach Ombre Nail Design By Holy Nails Pune

Peach and White, Get it Right !

Well pretty and femme, this manicure design is another alternative if you are looking for French manicure to a standard manicure. the delicate pink and white which turns peachy suits the weather and mood perfectly. It creates a gorgeous effect without being radical.

Pink Ombre with a hint of glitters!

Adding glitter to pink Ombre nail extensions will give a stunning. And if you are Bride to be and don’t like nails a lot this is a perfect match for Bridal nails. Try this out and stand out like a princess ! I mean whatever you choose to create the Ombre Look , just make sure you have right nail technicians with you and the right Nail Salon to guide you well and give that perfect texture for your nails and give you the sensational beveled cut .

Rainbow Ombre Nails

If you are looking for One of the best nail inspiration and you want to add more colors in your life. I would suggest just close your eyes and opt for Rainbow colors. As weather its always Optimistic and cheerful. And when you look at it you get that smile on your face. Isn’t it a simple way to bring a smile on your face!

And yes variations of the rainbow theme always includes a way to wear your pride proudly. Just try building up a rainbow Ombre with neon shades and a smattering of glitter to unleash the true extrovert in you.

Black Ombre with monochrome effect

Get over your shoe and move over, basic black! Oval and eye captivating, the black Ombre nail shouts for cool cred loud and clear. And if it is added with few colors will it give the cat eye effect !

Black lacquer is an absolute stunner when feathered out with either neutrals or grey. A high-toned ombre shading with beige will give a unique dusty effect to your nails. Or try complementing black with one of the many glam shades of grey. A more subtle variant gives an enchanting foggy look; or blend from black to dove for a pleasingly chic dynamic. It is an ombre combination that looks just as exciting in gloss or with a matte finish.

You can get ombre nails filled. If they’re acrylic, the ombre will be nail polish, which gets removed with every fill anyway. If you have powder dip nails, the first couple of layers will be filed off, filled, and new color applied. Finally, for gel nails, you can fill them or soak and file them off to start again if they’re lifting. Like extravagant nail art, ombre nails can cost more because they require extra time, effort, and product to create the look.

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