Pink Yellow French Nail Extension By Holy Nails Pune

Top Nail Art Trends in 2021 – Holy Nails, Pune

Nails have become more than just a covering on the upper surface of the tip of the finger, over time nails have grown to be a big part of one’s personality. Be it the dark nails for the people with grunge personality…

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Top Ombre Nail Designs that one must try in Pune

While working from home, has become the new normal and is quite the lifestyle change. Though I work as freelancer, I must tell you WFH gives you the ultimate freedom to pursue your passion for beauty and practice more self-care…

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Black Pink French Extension By Holy Nails Pune

Stunning French Nail trends – Glamp up to New Normal Life

Old is Gold ! Heard this right ? We are in age of Metal OX, which means it’s time to stop using colors like red or baby pink on your nail every time you give yourself a manicure. In 1970s the French…

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Raindrop Nails By Holy Nails Pune

7 Exciting Nail Art Trends For Monsoon In Pune

Monsoon is here in Pune and it’s again the time to give special pampering to your nails which is of utmost importance to brighten your mood in the dreary weather as well as protecting your nails from any sort of…

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Bridal Manicure Trends By Holy Nails Pune - 1

Top 5 Luxury Bridal Manicure Trends for Indian brides

Running a quick Google search for bridal manicure trends or ideas ???  You’re likely to encounter a screen full of nude tones and French tips. Sure, there’s no going wrong with the classics, but you don’t have to rely on…

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Nail Art Trend – Butterfly Nails

Blossom by blossom the spring begins” as the saying suggests, spring is all about colours, flowers and butterflies. Everything that can be depicted on the nails. As the season changes from winter to spring, the attraction towards dark colours switches…

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Multi Color Glittery Nail Extensions By Holy Nails Pune

Your Best Manicure Tips

Are you a manicure lover ? Follow these tips to get a perfect manicure. You can’t have a perfect manicure without choosing a perfect nail shape. Choose perfect nail shape as per you personality and lifestyle. If you work on…

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How to strengthen brittle nails naturally

Nails are made up of keratin, which is a form of protein. Due to aging, body can produce low keratin due to which your nails can be brittle. Some people have weak nails, weak nails are totally frustrating. If you…

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