Are you a manicure lover ? Follow these tips to get a perfect manicure.

  1. You can’t have a perfect manicure without choosing a perfect nail shape. Choose perfect nail shape as per you personality and lifestyle. If you work on computer, keep average size nails with square or oval shaped. If you work in kitchen, keep short nails with square or round, oval shaped nails. If you are fashionista or model or makeup artist, keep longs nails with coffin or almond shape.
  2. You don’t want any special maintenace for your manicure ? No problem. We have some perfect tips for you. Avoid French manicure as it might get yellowish due to spicy food. Keep colors which will not become yellowish easily. Avoid nudes or light colours.
  3. Choose French manicure when you are confused. French manicure with pink base and white tips goes on all outfits and you can flaunt them as well. You can also add some glitter if you want to carry nails for some special occasion as well. French nails are perfect for office going girls.
  4. Avoid shellac and prefer overlay if your nails are brittle. There would be some additional cost for overlay but overlay will strengthen your nails.
  5. Avoid tapping nails on any surface after your manicure as top layer of nails will start chipping off.
  6. Do a Skin Check for Sizzling Color. For skin with blue undertones, choose pinkish nudes, deep violet, fuchsia, or that cherry red. For olive or yellow undertones, pick beige or white nudes, chocolates, and corals. Test new shades on a piece of clear tape stuck to a nail.
  7. Prefer shiny nails over matt nails as shiny nails shines for a longer time. Matt nails sometimes become oily due to food.
  8. If you have short nails or you have a habit of nail biting, prefer nail extensions. Nail extensions gives a good length and helps you to get rid of nail biting habit.
  9. Try some nail art if you are bored of plain gel polish. We would suggest glittery or ombre nails which will always look great.

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